Old MacDonald had a farm

Part of the charm of living in rural France (or indeed rural anywhere) is the sounds of nature all around you.

Many an hour has been spent simply sitting, listening to the sounds of the birds – trying to identify which they are. We have owls up on the land which we hear at night time, and woodpeckers literally right over head, lots of other song birds – and of course the rooster!!

The rooster belongs to Madam C (the Portuguese lady) whose house is just before our land as we come up the track. You can hear the rooster from right down in the village.

Last weekend I noticed that the rooster was calling out nearly continually and mentioned this to Martin. I asked him if he thought it was usual to make the noise continually – Martin wasn’t sure. Now being more aware of the rooster’s call meant I was listening out for it and noticing it more. “At least it stops at night time” I said.

That night I was amazed to hear it during the night time (rather annoyingly if I am honest). The next day I googled “do roosters make a noise all the time”. The answer was, not normally but they may do if they are distressed. “Oh dear!!” I hope the rooster gets over it.

Over the weekend we went for a coffee at Alice’s and mentioned it to her. I said “the rooster is going Cock-a-doodle-doo all the time – day and night – what does it mean”. Alice laughed – then apologised – she said I’m not laughing that it is making the noise all the time – it’s the word you use – it’s like the children say it. “Oh, said I – what is cock-a-doodle-doo in French then.”. Alice considered this carefully and announced “cockreekoo” – I said “I like that better – how do you spell it”. Alice wasn’t sure but was sure it ended in k-o-o to make it sound exotic”.

We had many giggles over the weekend about the rooster. Alice told us that her son and his partner had said they would get one too, and she had threatened to strangle it if they did. Their daughter, upon hearing this had simply said “Grandma – you are not my favourite Grandma for saying this”.

Rooster 4Alice said that her son had said the solution would be for Alice to get ear-plugs to which Alice had said – the only place the ear plugs will be going will be up that roosters **** – much to our amusement.





But…Monday arrived and so did the new rooster – and we now have “cock-ree-koo” in stereo. And do you know what – we really do love it!!Rooster 2

Even better, just after the arrival of the rooster came a new hen complete with 10 un-hatched eggs – ready any day. Much to our delight 2 or 3 of these hatched out the day before our UK bound trip began so we were able to go to see them. Such a privilege to see day old chicks nestling under their (very protective) mummy.Chicks under mummy hen.jpg

So, with our two dogs, ‘Doggo’ (Madame C’s dog Ralph), the multitude of puss-chats and puss-chatons, the odd deer, two roosters, 10 hens, new baby chicks, a gazillion spiders and ants, and the multitude of birds…it’s definitely beginning to sound like Old MacDonald’s farm……I wonder if we should get a goat or two?

On a different note, Thursday heralding the beginning of our journey back to the UK. We no longer say “trip home” as this is now the reverse – we are leaving home to go back to the UK for a visit – this particular one to be close by whilst daughter does exams – just in case coffee/cake/comfort is required.

certificate durbanisme screen shotWe’ve been waiting all this last month for the “Certificate D’Urbanisation” to arrive – applied for back in February. And guess when it finally came through? Yep!! Approximately 90 minutes after we had left the village – so that will have to wait until we get back.





Such is the French way of life…..slow, often ironic, and a bit Cock-a-doodle-doo (or should that be Cock-ree-koo)!!!

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