All bound for Mu-Mu Land

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Something freakin’ awesome just happened this morning!! My partner in crime, soul-mate, best friend, bed-partner, recipient of my many pranks, Martin aka Gruffalo – just retired!! Woo hoo!!!



After 27 years of a life revolving around reporting for duty at Fawley Oil Refinery (preceded by 14 years of being told precisely what to do in his Army Career) Martin can now choose exactly what to do with his days!! Yee ha!!!




Surprising Martin seems to have accumulated very little in his desk space at work, and despite me fearing he would need a removal truck to bring all his junk home all he had was this box!!

Photo 1

So, Martin being able to choose how he spends his days also means that I can now do exactly what I want to do, as I have been keeping myself busy and occupied with my holistic therapies small (very small) business making sure that I can choose to work when I wish to, and have the flexibility to do whatever fits in around Martin’s work.

And now he has no work!! So, nothing to fit around!! We can do whatever we want to do when we want to do it!! Freakin’ Awesome!!

Since putting in his notice Martin has begun to chill out significantly!! This has been noticed by other people and commented on. It’s also been noticed by me that he has become slightly more liberal in his choice of “party attire” which was witnessed last weekend at our friends Deb and Chris’s party. Not only did Gruffs wear his brightly coloured flowery shirt, he also agreed that colouring the grey bits of his beard blue would be a great idea!! Love it!! I done bits of my hair blue to match!! Love that too!!

Photo 3

Deb and Chris throw amazing parties – they have the most interesting house I have ever been in to. Every nook and cranny is full of something weird or whacky. To illustrate – I nipped to the upstairs toilet and put my hand in first to pull the light on – and realised I was pulling on a Dolls Leg – eeek!! In the downstairs loo Corpse Barbie and Ken can be found making out in some perverted position. So, yes – great parties – which involve the back end of the garden having a fire pit, and a bit of a jamming session and sing song going on with the more musically able of the guests, and their living room being transformed in to a Disco Room – complete with flashing Disco Lights and slippery dance floor.

Martin is usually known to just stand quietly and observe, but on this occasion his imminent retirement situation seemed to have chilled him out somewhat and he ventured in to the Disco Room with me. We had a great boogie – fantastic fun, but when the track being played ended we had a hilarious 5 minutes whilst the 5 of us “50 plus somethings” attempted to find another track on the lap-top – all of us blind as bats without our reading glasses. The song we were trying to find was KLF – Justified and Ancient!!

It was very surreal and very funny and reiterated that this is what happens when the Bowie and Bolan era retire – we will not be going to our care homes all biddable and agreeable “yes nurse no nurse 3 bags full nurse”!! Hell no!! We will be wanting day trips out to AC/DC gigs and selling our prescription medication on the Internet!!

So back to that song!! I haven’t heard that for years – probably not since 1991 when it was released!! But it’s been brain worming into my head all week!! The song is about living in an ice cream van, roaming the land, no master plan, and all bound for Mu-Mu Land.

And that just about sums us up now!!

We have our van and we are about to embark on our new adventures. First step will be to put down some roots in France, and whilst doing that we have plans to travel around the parts of Europe that we have not yet been able to reach around the constraints of work.

Justified!! Ancient!!! and All bound for Mu-Mu Land!! (Well off to the New Forest camping actually).

©Sharon Rees-Williams –, 2018 

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